Connect Multitech Conduit with LoRa Basics™ Station

This section contains instructions for connecting the Multitech Conduit AEP to The Things Stack using LoRa Basics™ Station.

To set up LoRa packet forwarding on the gateway, follow these steps.

Click the LoRaWAN tab in the left menu.

Choose Basic Station in the LoRa Mode dropdown.

LoRaWAN Menu

On Multitech gateways, only CUPS or LNS can be configured. Configuring CUPS will automatically configure LNS, so to use The Things Stack, just follow the instructions for Connecting CUPS.

Be sure to select CUPS in the Credentials dropdown.

LoRa Basics Station

After entering the CUPS configuration, click the Submit button, and then click Save and Apply. The gateway will apply the changes.

LoRa Basics Station

If your configuration was successful, your gateway will connect to The Things Stack after a couple of seconds.