The Things Kickstarter Gateway

The Things Kickstarter Gateway

This page guides you to connect The Things Kickstarter Gateway to The Things Stack.

The Things Kickstarter Gateway is a LoRaWAN gateway, whose technical specifications can be found in the official documentation.


  1. User account on The Things Stack with rights to create Gateways and API Keys.
  2. The Things Gateway running the latest firmware (a minimum of v1.0.8 is necessary).


Create a gateway by following the instructions for Adding Gateways. Choose a Gateway ID. An EUI is not necessary.

Create an API Key with Gateway Link rights for this gateway using the same instructions. Copy the key and save it for later use.


Open the front panel of the gateway casing.

While the gateway is powered on, hold the pink reset button for 5 seconds (until each of the 5 LEDs illuminate). This erases the existing configuration on the gateway.

The gateway will now expose a WiFi Access Point whose SSID is of the form TheThings-Gateway-xxxxx, to which you should now connect using password thethings.

In a web browser, open the gateway’s configuration page by navigating to

TTKG Configuration Window

Enter the following fields:

  • Name: the Gateway ID that you chose earlier.
  • Choose the WiFi network from the drop down and enter a password if necessary.
To connect to a Cloud Hosted tenant, the tenant ID must be added to the Gateway ID field in the format Gateway ID@Tenant ID.

Click the Show Advanced Options button and enter the following fields:

  • Account Server: The URL of The Things Stack. If you followed the Getting Started guide this is the same as what you use instead of
  • Gateway Key: The API Key that you created earlier.
  • Click Save when done.

This will apply the setting and reboot the gateway. If all the steps have been followed correctly, your gateway will now connect to The Things Stack.


Please allow about 5 mins for the gateway to attempt connection before trouble shooting. During this period only 2 or 3 LEDs will be ON with the 3rd LED slowly blinking.

If there only 3 LEDs active for an extended period of time, unplug the gateway, wait for 10s and reconnect. Also try using an Ethernet connection as that improves the network connectivity.