Join Server

The Join Server handles the LoRaWAN join flow, including Network and Application Server authentication and session key generation.

Join procedure

Join Servers receive join-requests from Network Servers via gRPC and issue join-accepts for registered devices if join-request validation passes.

In case a join-request is accepted, the Join Server derives session security context, which contains the session keys and is identified by a session key ID. Join Servers encrypt derived network and application session keys using key encryption keys(KEKs) shared between Network Servers and Application Servers respectively and include the session keys in the join-accepts in encrypted form.

Device Management

Join Servers expose JsEndDeviceRegistry service for end device management. Typical clients of this service are Console and CLI.

Join Servers store device root and session keys.

Session Key Retrieval

Join Servers expose RPCs for retrieval of session keys given session key ID.


Join Servers expose AS-JS, vNS-JS and hNS-JS services as defined by LoRaWAN Backend Interface 1.0 spec.