Getting Started

What Is The Things Stack?

Welcome to The Things Stack! In this section, we help you to understand how to use The Things Stack, who makes it, and common acronyms like TTS, TTI, and TTN.

Installing The Things Stack

This is a guide for setting up a private LoRaWAN network server using The Things Stack for LoRaWAN.

Migrating to The Things Stack

This guide documents the process of migrating end devices and gateways to The Things Stack.

Upgrading The Things Stack

Follow these instructions to upgrade an existing The Things Stack instance.


The Things Industries offers The Things Enterprise Stack as hosted software as a service (SaaS). This guide explains what that means and shows how to work with The Things Industries Cloud.


The Things Stack is currently available as an AWS CloudFormation stack that can be purchased at the AWS Marketplace, and as a set of CloudFormation templates that can be deployed to build a highly available cluster for large-scale deployments. For getting started, we recommend AWS Marketplace AMI deployment method.

Command-line Interface

Although the web interface of The Things Stack (the Console) currently has support for all basic features of The Things Stack, for some actions, you need to use the Command-Line Interface (CLI). The CLI allows you to manage all features of The Things Stack.


The Console is the management application of The Things Stack for LoRaWAN. It is a web application which can be used to register applications, end devices or gateways, monitor network traffic, or configure network related options, among other things.

Troubleshooting Getting Started

This section provides help for common issues and frequently asked questions you may have when getting started with The Things Stack.

Users and Organizations

This section explains how to manage users and organizations, and how to grant users and organizations rights as collaborators of entities.

Using the API

While we recommend using the Console or CLI to manage your applications and devices in The Things Stack, we also expose HTTP and gRPC APIs which you can interact directly with. This section contains information about using the HTTP API, and examples.

Working with Events

The Things Stack generates lots of events that allow you to get insight in what is going on. You can subscribe to application, gateway, end device events, as well as to user, organization and OAuth client events. This guide shows how to subscribe to events with the CLI and with the HTTP API.